Psychics – Friend or Foe?

Psychics – Friend or Foe?

We’ve heard about them, we’ve seen them on TV shows and movies, some of us even met one or two… They are the mysterious beings who can contact the dead whilst giving you life advice.

Psychics have been around practically since the dawn of time; once they were considered as one of the wisest, but nowadays, that isn’t always the case. By definition, they are using their extrasensory perception (ESP) – which is practically sixth sense or intuition, in order to obtain information from unknown, hidden sources (information which is unobtainable by the five biological senses). They claim to have many psychic abilities: clairvoyance (‘clear sight’), telepathy (reading other people’s minds), divination, etc. Today, psychics are a very divided group – they can be real, fake, good or bad. Many of them are using people’s liability and naivety thus making money off of them and creating a bad reputation for the aforementioned profession. There are also psychics who don’t charge for their services, saying it’s “the gift from the God” and that it wouldn’t be ethical to ask for money.

Psychics are still a big discussion among all social circles: scientists, celebrities, doctors… One of the way they prove themselves is by predicting events. If the previously mentioned event happens, society assumes that the psychic predicted it.  We learned a lot of this information froma  trusted source: the best psychic in Indianapolis. Of course, not all people believe it, since there is that one word which psychics don’t enjoy hearing: coincidence. One of the most notable psychics in history is Nostradamus – he wrote a book in which he collected many of his prophecies. Most of these prophecies were related to natural occurrences – floods, storms, earthquakes, etc. He got a remarkable number of them right, but it still isn’t enough of a proof to render him a ‘true psychic’.

Nowadays, psychics are using different kinds of media (television, radio, internet – social media) in order to make some money. While this is a great idea, they also expose themselves to the rage of people if they make a mistake. There have been many cases in 21st century where the psychic ‘failed’ on live TV and went down in history as a fraud.

The ethics of psychic jobs is becoming more and more of a sensitive subject. If they’re using people’s emotions and fears for their own gain, then that should be frowned upon. If they’re truly, indisputably genuine, then they shouldn’t be marginalised as frauds. The thing is – you never know. There have been cases where people had a session with a psychic and they felt amazing and satisfied after it. There have been cases where people had a session with a psychologist, but didn’t feel good at all after it.

So, if you already want to speak with a psychic, the best thing to do is research them. Find out if he or she is a nice person and if people were satisfied. If all is good, there’s not a reason not to go. After all, it could be fun and that’s what life is all about.

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