How to Study for an Accounting Exam?


How to Study for an Accounting Exam?

Unlike other subjects and branches of study, accounting is an extremely onerous subject where emphasis ought to be laid on the concepts, rather than cramming the same. Accounting is that branch of financial studies that form the backbone of a company and an accountant is the person who manages the inflow and outflow of money in an organization.

Since the field is of high demand, it is a necessity to consider the exams earnestly. That said, clearing accounting exams is not a cake walk. It requires utmost, dedication, concentration and also profound hard work and knowledge base to reach the next horizon. If you’re already overwhelmed, then here are few tips to study for accounting exams.

Find out the intention of the chapter or the topic

Concentrate on the end result, and what the writer wants students to know. By doing, so, the intention of the topic or the chapter is crystal clear which also helps emphasize on the right topics, instead of wasting time on minute unnecessary details.

Integrated questions

Integrated questions

Revising the previous year question papers or integrated questions at the end of the chapter is an asset to the students, as it can help them understand the type of questions usually asked in an examination.

Concentrate on the skills required

People often tend to concentrate on the topic, or a chapter rather than the skills required accomplishing and educating themselves. It is reminiscent to learning an art like dance, where emphasis ought to be laid on the skills rather than the outcome.

Marking system

Understating the marking system can help to concentrate on the topics that hold a higher weight age to those topics, when compared to the others.

Join accounting classes

Joining accounting classes can be one of the best informed decisions, especially for novices Choosing an accounting class help always works in the students, ‘ favor as the teachers are experts and are professional accountants with an international experience who not only guide the students in the right direction, but also help them reach the finish line.




Nothing can be achieved without practicing and without practice, even the simplest topics, can be viewed as a boulder and cause hindrance to studies. Sine accounting mostly deals with numbers and calculations, more the practice, better the performance.

Assign an outcome to every studying session

This primarily means, after the completion of every topic, one should be able to achieve at least 20% of the goal marks. If one ensures to achieve this, then it is a safe bet to clear the exams as well as score better.

Familiarize with the test format

The pattern for each test varies from time to time and can be quite intimidating to finish the paper in the given amount of time. Hence, familiarizing and prating can help clear confusion and panic.

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